Since the 1st of January, 2016, it’s with great enthusiasm that I’ve been managing the company under our new name, Impressions Chalinfo. Having been there from the start, as early as 1993, I’m happy to offer my 25 years of service and know-how pertaining to printing and graphic design. I’m looking forward to serving you and helping you promote your brand towards new summits.

Imprimerie Chal-Info Inc. was established in 1993. At first, focusing on commercial printing and later evolving into a full-service colour printing facility, offering digital printing, large-format printing and embroidery as well. Chantal St-Jacques is now at the head of the company, leading it with passion and knowledge, always looking to innovate with new technologies.

Step up to growth…

Chalinfo is your choice partner in Lachute when you need colour printing, graphic design and, of course, anything that has to do with promoting yourself on clothing or on your vehicle for that matter. Our offering is all about promoting your business so that it stands out from the competition, we’re here to help your business grow.

Business “Etiquette”

At Chalinfo, YOU are our main concern. After 25 years in business, our tight-knit relationship with the Lachute community, means we’ve always treated our customers as “FRIENDS”. That’s what we mean by business “Etiquette” and professional ethics as well. Your business is important to us, but your satisfaction is without a doubt what matters most!

Extra ink on your quote, it’s not our style…

We’re often asked if this is the best price we can do… Our answer is always the same; it’s the best quality for the price you can get in Lachute – period. Of course, someone, somewhere is always ready to “give it away” in order to get your business, but are you really getting what you want? You can truly rely on our printing methods, our attention to detail, our quick turnaround and our proofreading skills, meaning no typos… Need any more great reasons to work with Chalinfo for your printing needs?

If we say it’s ready at 2pm, it’s ready at two!

You can always count on us to deliver as promised. It’s pretty much what’s made our reputation from the start, and we dare say we’re quite proud. We work hard to ensure we commit to our promises, even if sometimes we hit a snag, we’ll always reach out to you and figure out a way to make things right before any small issue becomes a real problem.

Because your piggy bank isn’t “unlimited”…

Come by the shop, you’ll see that we’re not just about taking your orders. At Chalinfo, we take the time understand what you have in mind, we figure out what’s the best product that offers the best visibility, and of course, the most cost-effective way to do it. We can easily explain economies of scale, material selections for specific budgets and everything related to making your investment, a wise one at that!

We win our stars, one at a time!

The best way to know if our clients are satisfied, is to read some of the great comments they’ve made about us. In person, on our web site and on Google+, it’s easy to understand that we’re always there for you!